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The shipping agency, INTERAGENT Ltd.Co., established in 1963, is a specialist in the whole range of shipping agency services such as:
- research of markets and analysis of traffic and trade trends
- canvassing and booking of all kind of container and conventional liner cargo,
- chartering, brokerage and sales
- port vessel's and cargo clearance,
- husbanding, organising cargo haulages,
- cargo operations and handlings
- equipment control/reporting and depot services
- organising bunkers, luboil and provisions supply,...
INTERAGENT is performing all activities in accordance with the ISO 9001 standards and holder of FONASBA Quality Standard for Ship brokers and Agents.
INTERAGENT is a member of "Slovenian Ship and Freight Port Agents Association" (which is a member of ECASBA and FONASBA associations) and member / correspondent of BIMCO for Slovenia.
INTERAGENT’S highly educated and experienced (on shore and sea) staff ( 22 persons) has complete knowledge in booking and handling of containers, rolling, bulk, conventional, consolidated cargo and passengers - resulting in being  agent No. 1 at port of Koper for number of vessels represented during their stay at the port.